What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Is it a time to love or dread?

I am not going to lie, I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY! 

Mainly because I have an overly celebratory soul and it gives me an excuse (not that I need one) to buy new clothes and get all dolled up.  PLUS, who does not enjoy all the perks that February 14th brings along? The dinner, the roses, oil massages and an extra dose of chivalry. 

Even when I was single I was all about GALentine's Day.  A hot dress, a celebratory pop from the champagne bottle with my gals and a great conversation of girl power and world domination.  I truly enjoyed my single days and sometimes miss them a little. Single ladies are powerful and fearless. 

One of my favorite Valentine's Day was with my now 10 year old niece. I took her out to dinner, gave her flowers and we talked about her life goals and dreams.

(Model Kyla Ayers wearing our Petite Circle of Life Larimar Necklace)

This year it was only fair that I show the same love to my new Instagram followers. 

We teamed up with the amazing Nicole Presley from Plan My Wedding Please who creates beautiful pieces of work to make any wedding special.  I LOVE HER CALLIGRAPHY style and I was thrilled when she joined me on this giveaway. She created a set of love cards/notes for the winner and oh my heart! They are perfect for Valentine's Day.

We handcrafted a pair of stunning Larimar Heart Stud Earrings exclusively for this giveaway. They are currently not part of any of our collections which makes them one of a kind.

The lucky winner Ashley Harvey from Georgia was announced on our Instagram on 02/01/16.

We were so happy with the amazing response from our followers that we even picked a second winner (which wasn't originally planned). Adele Moore from Alabama will receive our all-time favorite Love Heals Safety Pin Necklace.

I am really looking forward to share with you more exciting news and I am already trying to come up with some ideas for a Facebook or Twitter giveaway.

Please share your suggestions with me.  I would love to have your input. 

And please remember to always, always celebrate LOVE. 


Dear Isabella 


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