Affiliate Collaboration Program

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Dear Isabella Jewelry Co. is looking to work with a variety of affiliates who will:

Promote the brand using their own personal flair yet maintaining brand themes
Appreciate that it is a unique and exciting brand offering customers something truly special
Use appropriate, ethical and unique imagery demonstrating brand qualities


As a member of our affiliate program, you can earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to from a tracked link and they place an order, you earn 10% commission. Even if they don’t make a purchase on the first visit, any made within 30 days will earn you commission. We handle the orders, payments and deliveries, all you need to do is send us visitors!


• High industry commission rate of 10% - on all items.  We will also soon be creating a new platform for those who may be promoting solely through social media.
• 30 day cookie - commission is earned up to 30 days after the visit
• Detailed reports available via the affiliate networks, to check sales and commission earnings, see which links are working best and optimise the program to maximise your revenue.


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