How to build the perfect jewelry collection with 10 pieces

By MJ Aguiar on September 28, 2017


As I am getting ready to move overseas, it has come to my realization that one of the toughest parts of moving is deciding how to fit your life in a few boxes as possible. I am obligated to get rid of many things and redefining the meaning of "quality" and "essentials".

I realized that 70 percent of my jewelry is occupying prime real estate space in my vanity dresser and no longer suits my taste.

Like Sarah Jessica Parker and Iman, women grow refined through the years like a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1865.  Her taste in Men, Perfume, Fashion, Travel, and Jewelry change.  It’s with this understanding, that it is the perfect time to move on from trinkets.

Because I am in the Jewelry business I own more pieces than most women but thanks to my big move I had to downsize but by no means downgrade. Always quality over quantity!

The foundation to create your signature look and the primary rule of building your Jewelry collection start by investing in core pieces. 

You can start building your fine jewelry wardrobe piece by piece after you discovered your style. It's very important that you choose items that perfectly fit your wardrobe, lifestyle and budget... and in my case also my suitcase.

Party season is quickly approaching and whether you're shopping for yourself or looking to add value to your significant other's jewelry collection, here are the 10 jewelry staples that you need to have on your Jewelry Box whether or not you are moving overseas.

When selecting your pieces think timeless, gorgeous and versatile.

1- The Versatile Necklace

You need one special necklace you can wear every single day that incorporates a minimalist design yet is still an eye-catching, compliment grabbing piece with the power to add a pop of color to your neutral outfits.

Dear Isabella's Circle of Life Necklace

2- Grown up Watch

These days, the Statement watches are in. The Bigger the Watch, the Bigger the Statement.  But keeping it small and dainty may better suit your style. 

Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with this classic beauty from Tiffany's and Co. This timepiece is definitively a looker! 

Tiffany Metro Watch

3- Cocktail Ring

There's nothing like a dazzling oversized Gemstone Ring to make the simplest outfit look stunning. The Bigger than Life cocktail rings are a HUGE trend right now and what I love the most is that they fit perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans and tees or something more glam.

Dear Isabella's Blue Queen Cocktail Ring

4- The Cuff

The right cuff bracelet can say so many things: lavish, elegant, cool or edgy. The perfect cuff is versatile enough to stack with other pieces or a flawless solo appearance.

5- Diamond Studs

You need a pair of diamond studs and DO NOT let anyone to tell you different. Remember when Kim Kardashian lost hers in Bora Bora? Diamond earrings are simply one those things that highlight your style and sparkles the soul.  

Snyder Jewelers

6- The Long Chain Necklace

Choker fatigue is real and I am glad the trend is dying down! Sometimes you just want to keep things simple with a pendant necklace that brings minimal shine and adds a touch of glamour to your look.

7- Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces aren't for everybody but if you can pull it off they can drastically enhance your wardrobe and transform a simple outfit into an attention grabber.

8- The everyday Ring

It's an all day, everyday day kind of love. When I was designing these rings I wanted to create understated yet interesting pieces. 

Dear Isabella Open Rings

9- Statement Earrings

Make a remarkable first impression! Drop earrings help frame your face beautifully and elegantly. They immediately add sparkle and movement making you the Queen of the Night for sure.

10- Not your Mother Pearls

Nowadays people have the tendency to associate pearls with old and chic-less. But contemporary designers like Mizuki are here to prove them wrong. Pearls are no longer the underdog of fashion reserved for brides or preppy- Sunday best look.

Photo credits: Ashlee Rose, Aubrey Gee 
 Dear Isabella Larimar Jewelry 
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