About us

Dear Isabella Larimar Jewelry Co creates fine handcrafted Jewelry using a unique gemstone called Larimar, which is a rare variety of the silicate material pectolite found only in the Paradise Island of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. 


Larimar Gemstone 


Barahona, Dominican Republic
(Only place in the planet where the Larimar Gemstones can be found)

The company was eponymously named after designer MJ Aguiar’s daughter which was a way for her to celebrate both her daughter and honor the treasures of her birthplace.


Meet our Dear Isabella


Our creations capture a connection between the bohemian and city woman, showing the evolution of the designer coming from a Caribbean Island to the hustle and bustle of the city. The company slogan, “A piece of the Ocean in the Heart of the City” is the story of this journey. Dear Isabella Larimar Jewelry Co, connects with the modern woman who loves the sea, sky and gemstones as much as the city lights.



The Tribe


Infinity Larimar Gemstone Open Bracelet