Larimar Gemstone

The Larimar gemstone and its’ intricate patterns are a rarity in nature and one of true beauty. Only in a remote  mountainous region of the Dominican Republic surrounded by dense rainforest, can this gorgeous gemstone be found.



In 1974, the Smithsonian officially recognized the gemstone, though its’ existence has been known for thousands of years by natives. So it’s only in recent years that the Caribbean has decided to share its’ secret with the world and allow us to work with these rare natural beauties. A local artist gave the gemstone its’ name, deriving it from the name of his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word “Mar” which means “the sea”.

Mining the gemstones is a very meticulous task as heavy machinery or blasting techniques used in many mining operations of other minerals can damage Larimar, so the raw gemstones are painstakingly harvested using hand tools up to a hundred feet below the surface. In addition, mines are often closed due to a 5-month hurricane season where mines are flooded, making gemstones difficult to retrieve.




Of these laboriously excavated Larimar stones, approximately 10 percent are of jewelry quality.  We hand-pick only the best in quality and aesthetic value for our lines.


Every Larimar stone is unique and varies in color ranging from a subtle green to a deep blue. It is known as the Caribbean gemstone not only because of its’ origin but also because its’ colors which so can so closely match the Caribbean Ocean.  Please note that due to the unique nature of Larimar, the gemstone color in your jewelry may vary from those pictured but rest assured that we only use the best Larimar for our line.



Larimar is a very durable stone, though to maintain it's original luster, should be cared for using pearl cleaner and a polishing cloth. Like many other gemstones, harsh chemicals such as chlorine, cleaning detergents, and bleach should be avoided with contact to the stone as this may cause discoloration.

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