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Larimar Jewelry Care and Cleaning

 Also known as ‘Stefilia's Stone’, Larimar is a rare type of silicate mineral pectolite that is gifted with its attractive shades of blue color. This is one of a kind stone that can only be found in the Caribbean particularly in the Dominican Republic.

What makes Larimar a great piece of precious jewelry? It goes back to its volcanic origin that makes the stones tough and durable.


Larimar stones are gorgeous creation and to keep its beauty, you should put them on lastly in the morning and take them off first in the evening. Remember that chemicals are harmful to precious stones, so better keep them away from hair spray, hand soap and cream, and even perfumes. Don’t be surprised if sterling silver settings will get tarnished. Silver and sulfur in the air undergo chemical reaction that naturally creates tarnish.


But don’t panic! It’s easy to clean and maintain your sterling silver settings. Just follow the following steps to combat tarnishing.

  • When cleaning the jewelry, use a polishing cloth to get rid of impurities and dirt without damaging the metal. If you have an old toothbrush, you can use it to brush the jewelry after soaking in warm water with soap. Then rinse and dry it and place it in an air-tight air bag for storage.
  • You use hair sprays, gels or lotions so it’s possible your jewelry might get contact. A simple tip is to wear the jewelry on last. Never forget the rule, ‘last on –first off’.
  • Sometimes, we are so busy that we forget to take off our jewelry and we might get them in contact with household chemicals. If this happens, make sure to wash your jewelry right away with soap and warm water, and then let it dry completely.
  • Don’t swim in the pool or hot tubs with your jewelry. Swimming pools have chlorine content and can cause potential damage to the stone like discoloration of sterling silver setting.
  • Be careful with the use commercial jewelry cleaners. While these cleaners can get rid of tarnish and can make the silver and stone clean, they can also be potential source of damage.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners as well as steam baths that are specially made for jewelry. These cleaners can damage Larimar Jewelry.


While Larimar jewelry is strong and durable, you still need to handle it with care. As you wear it every day, always be mindful of its physical condition to maintain its shine and beauty. You should avoid tampering the cuff sizes and shapes of the jewelry. Don’t attempt bending it. This will ruin the silver and the exact arrangement of the stone.


You also need to pay attention to its clasped bangles. Bending or distorting the silver in any way will damage the alignment of the clasp. Bangles can change to different positions in a day. Remember to wear the push button in order to open the clasp on the interior part of the wrist. The clasp may be accidentally open at any moment so this is important.